There are no limits of any kind. On the contrary, it's a dance one can practice and learn whenever they decide and for as long as they wish. It promotes physical and mental health. While learning this ancient art, we get to know our body, we start to love it and express ourselves through it. Furthermore we strengthen it and we exercise particular groups of muscles like the back side of the thigh, the four-headed and the whole abdominal (the upper and side abdominal but especially the lower one). The round movements of the hips and the snake-like movements of the hands, have a purifying and salutary effect on our physical and mental health since they are closely connected to the gynecological system.

The sensational B Dance

(also referred Oriental dance) is the traditional dance of Anatolia. It has an age-old origin and its roots embrace not only therapeutic techniques but also fertility rituals deriving from ages mainly dominated by fertility goddesses. This dance was once considered sacred. Many of its movements resemble lovemaking and even more childbirth. Belly Dance was a way of worshipping the woman and feminine nature. That is why it was practically a feminine dancing art performed by women for women. The first Belly Dancer was the earth itself. Its body vibrated and wave-shivered bringing life to our planet. Belly Dance was giving a new life every time a childbirth took place. This ascertainment is as old as the human race.


there is a popular belief that this art was created to serve men's pleasure. On the contrary! Belly Dance praises the birth, the creation. The life itself. It pays tribute to woman, beauty and feminine body. The Breast, the Belly, the Loins!

The body which miraculously gives life. The least we could do now is to regard this dance as a sacred art, because Belly Dance is an ART! A primitive and mystic art dependent on the dancer's improvisation and instinct. Driven by divine inspiration the performer can lead us not only to Anatolia but also to the most secret paths of her personality and her inner being.